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Deployable SATCOM Fiber Links

Easy to Install. Easy to Operate. Easy to Maintain.

The benefits of RF over fiber are clear; its low-loss transmission is impervious to EW tactics, allowing personnel and terminal equipment to be moved safely away from antennas. The CV-MCU2+ Satellite Fiber Link allows users to experience these benefits with confidence. Devised for transportable SATCOM terminals, SFL modules drive L-Band signaling up to 2 km over tactical fiber.

  • Designed to appear to the system just like coaxial cable. No need to tune the modems to compensate for noise and distortion, no requirement to offset end-to-end gain.

  • No elaborate software setup required. Just select the signal direction (Uplink or Downlink) and you are ready to operate with any L-band terminal.

  • Interface with tactical fiber connections meant for rapid redeployment. Tear it down; set it back up without worry.

Satellite Fiber Link Solutions that are
ready for the Tactical Environment.

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